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This is a website in progress. For links to on-line sales, streaming and downloading click on the "music" tab to the left.  LPs and CDs will also be available soon, when Earth's orbit brings it to its closest proximity to the planet Disc since 1984.  

Welcome to G'tel Music's Summerlong website. It's a Boinks encore, the digital edition. You can sample, stream and download the songs at most of the expected music services.  

You can read and download the graphic story, lyric sheets and other Summerlong material on the story and lyrics pages. 

Meet, or remeet, some of our favourite Summerlong characters below

Dinosaurs still disco!

they still rock 'n' roll

dinosaurs still like to waltz

and do the frug and stroll


People, beware!


 The Hot Dogs from Q!

 They come from the planet 

with mustard and cheese

squirting out ketchup 

and spreading disease



H-trad Egnaro



 He's the cute little robot who only wants to help.  Or is he?

The Boinks are back!

The Boinks: Robert Priest, Bongo Herbert, Rudi McTootsThe Boinks: Robert Priest, Bongo Herbert, Rudi McToots

    Yes, The Boinks have returned.  From the future!

   You probably think that needs some explaining.  It gets even stranger.

   When Bongo, Rudi and Robert recently came flying back through time, they didn't end up in the present.  At least not in our present.  They landed in a moment (you have to think a second to get your head around this)... a moment that was just a few seconds before the moment they left, way back then.  Seems we've heard that story before...

    Time travel does funny things.  

    Amazingly, but not surprisingly when you think about it, when our backwards time-travellers overshot the present and ended up in the past, The Boinks found some strange things they left behind, back when they first headed out for the future, years ago.  Things like LPs, 45s, cassettes, hand-drawn graphics, photographs on negative film — and G'tel's reel-to-reel master tapes of Summerlong!  That's The Boinks' 16-song, rock-musical story about some kids who travel from their planet, which is called Buboinknee, through backwards and forwards time across a warped universe.  Coincidence?  Possibly.

    And now, as The Boinks are so speedily working their way back to the present (They've almost caught up to our now, by now!) the music and story and art of Summerlong is spinning itself into billions of sparkly, crackly bytes of digital music and story that are shooting out all over the universe — and (for those of you confined to the planet Earth) on the internet on Spotify and iTunes.

    All things considered, everything's pretty much back to as it should be.  

    Or is it?  

    You probably never even noticed that it got all wonky out there.  Don't worry.  You're not alone.  Many people — okay, some of them aren't really people — don't believe The Boinks were ever really gone in the first place.  Let us tell you that there's no — well, hardly any — truth to that.  Listen to the music and read the story of the children from Buboinknee, then decide for for yourself.  La La La La La La La.



 In a rocketship stolen from the evil Darth Orange, Zeen, Zag and Henry approach the planet Summerlong -- where children rule and adults go to school.  And time runs the other way.  

"Yes the children rule that galaxy and they sail in its silver sun.  Everyone has a rocketship, and the only rule is have fun." 



    In the olden days, there were two sides to every album jacket. The back side of Summerlong credited the people who made the LP.  It featured Rudi McToot's image of Starboy's rocket, a spacecraft that sails on light..."Light is like wind in my silvery sail," he sings.  You can see even more musician credits when you click the lyrics button above.