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Rudi McToots did all the art for the Boinks projects.  In concerts and schoolrooms, while the band played he was The Human Video.  That was especially funny back in the early '80s, when rock videos on TV were just starting.  And there was no internet.  Known now as Ross MacDonald, he's become a celebrated graphic artist and illustrator for books, comics and magdazines and a prop designer for movies.

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Robert Priest, lyricist and vocalist with The Boinks (born July 10, 1951, in Walton-on-ThamesEngland) is a Canadian poet, childtren's author and singer/songwriter.  In addition to his role in The Boinks, he has written ten books of poetry, two children's novels, three children's albums, and four CDs of songs and poems. Under the alias of "Dr Poetry", Priest has also performed on CBC Radio's spoken-word show "Wordbeat" and is well known for his aphorisms and his hit "Song Instead of a Kiss".  His adult poetry is wide-ranging, while his children's poetry is more tender, underpinned with utopian hopefulness.  Canadian novelist and short story writer Barbara Gowdy has described him as "the voice of the people and the angels, entwined" and the Toronto Star called him "passionate, cocky, alternately adoring and insulting." 

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Bongo Herbert, composer, keyboard player and vocalist with The Boinks, is also known as Eric Rosser, a Whitby, Ontario-based, self-taught painter, house painter, carpenter, musician/songwriter, performer, cook and overall bon vivant.  His brush technique and colour-mixing skills continue to be honed by his colour-field work for residential clients, but his greater love is painting pictures.  In recent years he's produced a series of shows, each radically different than the one preceding — from a meditation on waves to an irreverent exploration of Picasso, from birds-eye views of New York to the life and times of Jackson Pollock, painted realistically, in drips. The journey continues, as he is now learning fresco.